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Skin tags

Skin tags are nontoxic and harmless tumors that figure chiefly in the skin congregations. They also occur on the face, commonly on the eyelids. They vary in their sizes from two to five millimeters, although bigger ones have also been seen. They may be smooth or atypical in visually. Microscopically, skin tags comprise of a vascular bundle core, sometimes also with fat cells, dealt by an unremarkable epidermis. Skin tags are commonly flesh colored and are a result of the perennial scratching of the skin. These benign skin lesions can appear most commonly in skin folds. The removal of skin tags is primarily for the cosmetic reason. Sometimes, these may dishevel with dressing and jewelry and act as an irritant to the skin.

At Beau Visage Skin Clinic, skin tags are removed by CO2 Laser surgery. This technique can remove skin tags within a few moments. CO2 laser emits very high infrared energy delivered in very short pulses, causing contiguous heating of little certain volumes of the weave. The almost instant heating of tissue prevents undesirable heat diffusion from the target, which reduces or eradicates the chance of marking or scarring associated with the use of traditional laser. The technique achieves faster, almost painless and scar free results.

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