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Warts are just areas of skin that grow faster than normal due to the presence of the wart virus components. Mostly, they grow on the hands, feet and face but they can occur almost anywhere in the body. They are infectious and some people, particularly children, are more susceptible to them than others.

Beau Visage Skin Clinic offers CO2 laser surgery which is very effective in wart removal treatments. After this treatment one is able to return to the pattern of daily activities almost immediately. This is an enormous improvement in the field of plantar warts, where other treatment methods such as excision often resulted in large wounds on the sole of the foot, making even walking very painful. The advantages of CO2 Laser surgery in wart removal treatments are:

Highly successful treatment rate.
Relatively easy and pain-free
Anesthesia not required in most cases.
No bleeding in most cases
No elaborate after-procedure care

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