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Subcision surgery

Acne can leave physical as well as emotional scars. It is thought to be one of those unavoidable roadblocks faced by teenagers on the road to maturity. With the help of advancement in acne scar removal you can get rid of the physical remnants of your acne. Acne scars can be removed by surgical interventions. Various types of surgeries are used for deep acne scarring like "ice pick" scars and “box” scars. The process involves the physical removal of the tissue comprising the scar and the surgical seam or replacement of the remaining tissue. Beau Visage Skin Clinic offers Subcision surgery for acne scar management treatment.

A benefit of subcision is the absence of any epidermal injury, except for minute needle insertion points. Subcision treats rolling scars by separating the fibrous bands securing them to the deep dermis. It is performed by a physician in a surgical manner, releases up the deeper layers of the skin so the scars are no longer bound down. This method is used to physically separate the dermis and hypodermic tissue after topical anesthetic agent is applied to the treatment area. The skin may feel some bruising in and around the treated area which generally fades in a week or so.

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