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Botox and Neuronox

Having excessive wrinkles and lines can make you appear tired and serious in addition to looking older than your age. Beau Visage Skin Clinic uses Botox and Neuronox injections as an outpatient procedure to smooth out the wrinkles and significantly soften the creases of your skin. This method is the simplest and safest age-defying treatment for the improvement of your active wrinkles and ageing issues. The Botox/Neuronox treatment is virtually pain-free, offers immediate improvement and provides brightness and glow to your skin and helps restore its youthfulness. These injections contain a purified protein that eradicates or softens glare lines, laugh lines and forehead wrinkles. It is also safe and effective for the treatment of excessive sweating, minimizing necklines and bands.

Botox will give you a younger look. It has become the golden standard of wrinkle management. The results are effective and can last a long time. At our clinic, state-of-the-art techniques used by our internationally qualified Botox physician, gives you a refreshed, naturally younger, and glowing skin. Your superimposed skin will get rid of wrinkles and you’ll be able to contract all other facial muscles normally so your natural facial expressions remain unaffected.

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