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Fillers (Juvederm)

Apart from facials and face firming, regular basic treatments, what is really catching up are international treatments such as fillers, functioning on skin collagen. It is an anti ageing treatment like Peel and Lift, targeting fine lines as well as deep furrows. Under cosmetic treatments, fillers are lunch period treatments these days with the contiguous visual result, clearing of fine lines and constraining of the skin. Fillers add volume and structure to the face as well. With the help of the best type of filler and the depth at which it is injected, they polish out fine lines on the surface of the skin, fill out deep lines, crow’s feet or even effectively grow facial bone structure.

Beau Visage Skin Clinic uses Juvederm, a smooth gel filler to instantly smooth away wrinkles around your mouth and nose. It is a range of products including smooth, gentle fillers, volumisers and deep hydration treatments that offer a full-face approach to achieving the natural look you desire. This treatment gives you smooth and natural- appearing results that last up to an year.

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