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Earlobe repair

The Earlobe is the lower, fleshy and delicate part of the ear that is sometimes pierced. Pierced earlobes tear due to an accident, or wearing heavy jewelry constantly. In most pierced ears, the pierced hole gradually elaborates over time. If it tears, the last tear is generally just through with a tiny piece of tissue at the bottomland of the lobe. But no need to worry they can be easily repaired. Earlobe repair or rejuvenation is a relatively simple procedure performed under a local anesthetic, and you can return home later the same day. However, you should anticipate some discomfort and swelling after treatment and you may need to have on a dressing on the ear for a few days. If a sudden split in earlobe causes bleeding, it might be necessary to start the treatment immediately but in some cases the wound will need to be allowed to heal fully before and repair process can take place. Fillers can also be used to contribute volume to a punctured earlobe and to correct the earlobe wrinkles for months to years. The objective of earlobe repair is to create ears that have a more normal shape and size.

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