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Scar revision surgery

Scars form as skin heals after an injury or surgery. There are various types of scars that can be organized and numerous variations of the severity and growth of the scars as well. The unnatural or disturbed collagen production during the healing process can cause poor restoration of the cutaneous surface and textural irregularities.

There are many options available for scar revision treatment. Surgery is an effective option to alter a scar's shape or make it less noticeable. In Beau Visage Skin Clinic, scar revision surgery is used to improve or reduce the appearance of scars.

Scar revision is a group of surgical techniques used to change the appearance of scar tissue efficiently, blending it in with the surrounding skin area. These used in combination with each other or with adjunctive therapies can achieve optimal results. It can be used on scar tissue any place over the body. It produces permanent results. It also repairs function, and adjusts skin changes caused by an injury, wound, or previous surgery. We perform successful scar revision that can dramatically improve a patient's quality of life. Our dermatologists apply a number of surgical scar revision techniques, which are better suited to treat specific types of scars.

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