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I have trusted Vivek for all my skin treatments since last two years. Given the sensitivity of skin problems and how it could impact one’s personality, one has to be sure that he is treated by a reliable, warm and understanding specialist. Vivek is all that and more. His treatments have helped me get a glowing, wrinkle free and healthy skin, something that I had not experienced for a long time. He takes keen interest in each of his patient and ensures (through follow-ups) that his treatment yields satisfactory results. I am delighted to have Vivek as my dermatologist !!


I started having my first Acne problems when i was in 11th grade. It was terribly obnoxious for me to be like that around people. I consulted many doctors in and around Chandigarh but the acne wouldn't just go. But Beau Visage Clinic made sure that my acne were no more a problem for my deteriorating confidence and that they were dealt with great care and attention. The problem that i once thought would be a permanent part of my life was no more a problem, thanks to Beau Visage Clinic, and Dr.Viek Malhotra.!! With a deep sense of knowledge regarding skin problems, Beau Visage Clinic was a one stop solution to all my skin ailments.


Since my teen years, I had been struggling with extensive breakouts on my face and back. I tried almost every type of medication available; from homeopathic to skin treatments. Nothing worked at all. I struggled with it for almost 15 years. But last year, while on my trip to India, my father recommended Dr. Malhotra and asked me to go see him. Well, good news for me I did go see him. Dr. Malhotra gave a simple regime of 2 capsules a day and a lotion. I continued to take this prescription for 6 months and before I knew, NO MORE BREAKOUTS. I took 2-3 weeks for me to notice the results. Dr was available on email any time I had a question for him. I would definitely recommend Dr. Malhotra to any one who is having any kind of skin issue.

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Chronic Skin Disease CURED
I suffered sort of eczema on my right ankle since 1972. During my Sweden visit in 1983-84 it was cured but appeared again after my return to India. There after I tried many skin specialist doctors in Jaipur in Govt. and Private Hospitals and following each doctor for more than a year before a change. Once I visited my sister-in-law in Chandigarh and she refereed me to Dr. Vivek Malhotra. I was a little reluctant as I was not having any hope for cure. But with negative approach I once visited Dr Malhotra in his clinic in Feb 2010 and told Dr. that I do not have any hope with him also but will give him also a try. I told him that I will not come to him after Dec 2010. He agreed and we started treatment. To my surprise the skin problem gave a signal for 5% improvement after two months. I am happy to say it has been cured completely with some dark skin at my ankle.

I have seen a person in doctor Vivek who is working for the benefit of the patient rather than earning money. This is his strength which has made him a true friend of his patient. His is very polite, patient friendly, not eager to give medicine without need

I hope he will keep cure of patient his top priority, Money and Fame will follow. I wish him success in life.


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